about us

Behbood Shimi Kimiagaran


Our biggest goal is to export new and high tech products to the big market in the Middle East as well as the European area..

Visions and approch

We always strive to produce world-class, affordable products with a global approach and bring customer satisfaction to the forefront of our business. And so far with the support our customers, we have been able to follow the path of development and production of newer products..


KIMIAGARAN Co.  started its activity in the field of animal husbandry in 2013, based on the idea of producing several knowledge-based products. Our scientist set up a strong research team in the production of livestock equipment. At present, KIMIAGARAN Co. with several inventions and manufacturing of several chemical and disinfectant products, as well as advanced industrial products, has taken important steps to help the livestock industry and is still tirelessly seeking to enrich its product portfolio.


Dr Reza Zahedi

Dr Reza Zahedi